Mistress Vixxxen

Perverted Goddess Of Sin

About Me

 I'm a Sensual Sadist who loves to taunt,tease & corrupt weak men.
If we have the pleasure to meet me you will  find yourself in for an experience that will change your life.

Welcome to a future of servitude!

You will be broken, programmed and made over to fit my perverted desires. Your soul will be handed over into my hands as is if meant Nothing.

 I free you from your pathetic existence and give you purpose.

I enjoy Mild to Extreme Play with experienced Submissive's/Slaves.

I dare you to enter my chamber where you will  be Broken, Corrupted and Made over to fit my erotic desires.

 I seek to own  and will not accept half ass worship. I only train boys in the proper mind state. 

I enjoy training worms that are aware that submission is an honor. Bowing down and worshiping a true GODDESS is your future....

      Are you prepared to give in to all my devious and perverted wishes?

Im Accepting  Slave Applications From Real Slaves Only.

Ive been dominating He-Bitches all my life and can smell a phony wanker a mile away so keep that in mind before applying.

Save yourself the humiliation Pig!








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